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Here are a few tips to protect you and your property:

1 Install and use pick-resistant locks on doors and windows.
2 Don’t hide keys under the doormat, in a mailbox or in a planter. Leave an extra set with a neighbor.
3 Trim your shrubbery around the house to three feet or less, especially around windows and doorways, don’t leave any area where a burglar can hide from view.
4 Make Burglars Think There’s Somebody Home. Use several electronic timers that can be programmed to go on and off at various times during a 24-hour period. Put adequate lighting outside-illuminating doors or vulnerable windows.
5 Most Burglars Strike during Daylight hours, when both household residents may be at work. Nearly half of all burglaries happen during working hours. Most burglars are in and out of a house within about 15 to 20 minutes and won’t risk being trapped above or below the ground floor.
6 Never try to cope with a burglar yourself. Even master burglars may injure or even kill if confronted. If you suspect a burglary has occurred or is occurring, get right out and call the police from a neighbor’s home. If a burglar surprises you, be passive and follow orders. Don’t try to save your valuables or confront them.
Forget looking for weapons as in general  they are dangerous and may be used against you.


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